You have bypassed the little blurb on my homepage to get here so you deserve more than a cursory introduction, so here we go.

I’m Sena Quashie, legally Richard Sena Quashie, and I’m Enterprise Sales Lead at Viamo, which is company focused on impacting lives via mobile and connecting individuals and organizations using digital technology to make better decisions.

I believe good storytelling is a great and powerful skill to have.

I believe that everything we do is part of a story we are telling.

I believe that our learning process must continue throughout our lives with an active focus and not as a passive endeavour.

I believe that much of our failures come from a refusal to imagine better and that anything that increases the ability for people to dream more, and dare more, is an unalloyed good.

At my best, I help small teams of great people imagine better and become more formidable at telling a great story.

I studied Economics and Archeology at the University of Ghana and continued with Entrepreneurial Management at the same. I spent a few years working – largely in consultancy and/or part-time positions and also for experiments I started with friends. These experiments included; Flash Mob Ghana – a dance studio (we did some good work for Google and Airtel); Edge 53 – my first attempt at media, digital and marketing; Stimuluz – a powerhouse of 3 of us just using our collective expertise and OMGGhana – which later became OMGVoice.

I then moved to Pulse (Ringier Africa) and spent more than 8 years there building expertise across media, digital and marketing products – this was a period I thought a lot about what kind of person I wanted to be, and what cause I want to give myself to. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I have little patience for people who try to make others stop innovating and give in to wondering if better existed. I detest the phrase, “this is how we have always done it”.

The great joys in my life include my brother Selasie, my sister Setornam, my mother Edna (a superhero) and my life partner Victoria (another superwoman – you should read her book, “Brass Neck”). Other joys include fantasy movies, music, numerous animals (especially dogs and cats), and little quirky things that are rare as they are useful.

I’m making it up as I go, and my only constant is the desire to build something enduring with a team of talented people who aren’t afraid to be curious and kind.

Pronouns are he/him/his or they/them.

P.s. You likely know me from across the web as either ROISKID, QRSYTH or AYIGBEMANTSE.

If you’re mentioning me on your website or anywhere else, just ‘Sena Q’ is fine and in fact, preferred. 😊