This page is a succinct overview of the tools I use, manage, and self-host. I try to use open-source where possible.

Primary Computer & Development.

  • Operating System: macOS (MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018)).
  • Browser: Safari as a daily driver (battery life is a killer feature), Firefox & Chrome for web dev-related testing.
  • Search Engine: On the lookout again…
  • EmailMigadu (previously Zoho Mail)
  • Email Client: Spike
  • IDE/Code EditorPyCharm (for Python/Django projects), VS Code, BBEdit 14
  • Terminal (Shell): Terminal (zsh).
  • Image EditorPhotopea.
  • API TestingcURLInsomniaPostman.

Other devices.

I use an iPhone 12 and a Samsung A22.

Tools to Manage My Life.

Although I’m excited to see both Obsidian and Focalboard mature, I don’t think they’re ready for production usage.

Instead, I rely on proprietary tools here:


I self-host some services on Linode.

I do this as a way to have more freedom and control over my own data, as well as to cater to my personal-professional needs.


There are also more services I use that are worth a mention. These may be hosted by friends or a generous company and such. 🙂

Publishing platform — WordPress.

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

WordPress’ marketing site (self-hosted)

I have been asked why I use WordPress. While there is no single post elucidating this point, I have been in love with WordPress since I was introduced to it by Paa Kwesi during my OMGGhana days.

Money transfer & payments — Barter by Flutterwave.

Be truly borderless

Send and receive money globally. Create virtual dollar cards that work anywhere online.

Money transfer & payments — expressPay.

expressPay is an eCommerce market place and a payment gateway provider. As a market place, expressPay gives consumers real time access to services such as airtime for all the major telcos, Surfline internet, Vodafone broadband, DSTv, GOtv, etc.

expressPay About Page