• Typically, I would work on a contractual basis. Ideally, we have a chat about my journey these past 5 years and the work you do, and a short (paid) trial period of sorts follows. Don’t like my work? Bad culture fit? No worries — we’ll both be on our way. Not much is lost.
  • I’m open to >$3880/month before taxes. My preference is for a 4-day work week. Remote-first companies are most welcome — coming to the office should be optional.
  • I’d prefer smarter people around me I can learn from. If I’m able to afford to house close to the office and I live in the same country as well, I’d love to occasionally drop by and work in person as well.
  • Running a non-profit for affirmative action? I’m especially interested in your work. We can discuss a cut-rate for my services.
  • A more traditional resume can be arranged over email on request.

If you want to hire me, let’s talk!

Past client feedback/testimonial

I would say creativity and analytical thinking to harness excellent strategies is the hallmark of Sena Quashie.

I just love the way he always has a brain-wave of great ideas to share and implement and the interesting part is, most often that not, it works in an intriguing way. Keep it up Sena; you are an asset!

Daniel Sarpong Jnr – Sales Coach

It’s been years of working extensively with Sena from editorial, UI/UX design, creative strategy and production.

What I appreciate the most is his outlook on life – pragmatic, balanced and innovative. He is very knowledgeable on a broad number of relevant subject matters which is no surprise seeing his insatiable appetite for knowing how to do things.

Gerhard Malah – Head of Projects – MEST Africa

What it’s like working with me.


While Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) is most desirable, there is plenty of wiggle room for folks from the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU). I usually adjust my work hours to have a healthy overlap with your work hours.

In some cases, I might even be able to work completely during your office hours!


I generally enjoy agency with my clients. In return, I offer them a complete, transparent, and timely view of things.

Mental health.

I’m very honest — and a part of that is sometimes needing to take the day off for mental health reasons. I’m usually able to come in anyway and fix something small when it’s urgent.

There’s a lot of reading material on this if you’re interested (not vetted!):

Frequently asked questions.

When are you available next?

I’m available to work full-time from July 2023. At the moment, I am not taking any part-time engagements.

What are you best at?

I find myself excelling at improving customer experiences and business development. I started out as a front-end developer, existed as a journalist and ended up as a biz dev expert and really enjoy this part of my job.

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