Last updated 15 June 2022.

Currently using my energy to wrap up my work with one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest media and marketing companies.

Sometimes, I take a second to work on some of my ideas, goals and value – if I have any time at all. You know how adulting is.

Always trying to deal with burnout, depression, and the consequent lack of motivation.


I’m trying to revive the fun and personal on the web. Part of that has been reviving my website (this blog!).

My current focus on this website is:

  • Make time to write a post every week at the very least
  • Making it a space to share my ideas, values and insights into the tools I use

You can find me on Twitter at @qrsyth. Oh, and on Instagram, but I don’t really post there.


I’m working at Pulse Africa, part of Ringier AG, helping to build digital and marketing solutions for our cool clients. It’s fun and nice to be part of a larger team working together to help tell better stories. We’re hiring!

2022 Goals

  • Start OBS
  • Hit the gym / at least weekly
  • Visit Italy / Lake Como