learning to let go of things that don’t want to be held onto

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the firmer you hold onto a knife, the deeper it cuts into your palm

Once in a while, you’d realise that you have been fighting a lost battle by loving people who don’t want your kind of love, wanting the wrong jobs, sacrificing for the wrong things.

Because for some things (& people), no amount of sacrifice and faith would make them fit into your life, no amount of love would make the “wrong” person love you back, no amount of effort would make you good at the wrong job.

And it is only in this moment of realisation that you will finally let go and accept that what isn’t to be will never be.

My only wish for you and I is that such a moment hastens its arrival and that we do not lay ourselves down to be played for too long.

Because if you hold on too long for things that are not yours or don’t want to be yours, they would eventually claw their way out of you.

And they will rip you apart in the process, so why don’t you just let go of them gracefully, especially when these things are clearly not going in the direction you are supposed to.

PS: the firmer you hold onto a knife, the deeper it cuts into your palm


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