My primary goal is to tell better stories and help people tell better stories.

Stories help humans teach, persuade, and make sense of the complexities of existence. And to understand how to tell them better is a fundamental step to human connection and interaction.

I have also come to terms that the desire to “tell better stories” is also borne out of my deep-rooted curiosity and persistence to amass knowledge.

Why? Because to tell better, you have to know better.

Storytelling, however, is not limited to what you are thinking of now in this scope. It transcends all aspects of humanity; it is evident in all you do and all you will ever do. The collective result of all your actions (and inactions) is a story you are telling – whether doing job interviews, going on dates, interacting with friends, or making a sales pitch.

From this one goal emerged several secondary goals and some different ways I am looking at working on them.

Why am I sharing them publicly online? Doing so because according to Emmanuel Quartey

  • The internet is a serendipity engine, and maybe these ideas will find their way to like-minded collaborators who can help bring them to life
  • Our lives are short. I care more that these things happen than that they happen by my hand. I would be honoured if someone took any one of these fledgling thoughts and adopted them as their own

The bets on this page are ideas that I believe will help achieve a number of goals. Each goal is a speculative future that I believe is worth striving towards.

This represents a fraction of my personal goals and bets, the ones I’m most comfortable sharing in public at this time.

  • Goal: Make it easier for people to tell better stories  – There are different ways we tell stories, especially with the new generation of Africans ready and willing to explore as many creative avenues as possible to do so. I often wonder what depths and breadth storytellers like Joseph Nti, Ekow Barnes, Rita Mawuena etc are capable of telling with more and what other people like them have not yet been discovered because they don’t even have such access.

If you have other ideas for bets that might result in the outcomes above, please feel free to share them with me (email is here).